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Club Statement - West of Scotland Football League

The following statement is on behalf of the Blantyre Victoria Committee:

” Following a statement released by the SJFA West Region’s Pyramid Working Group outlining the future of the juniors in the West Region. We have decided that the best course of action at this time would be to apply to join the new West of Scotland Football League while retaining our membership of the Scottish Junior Football association, allowing us to continue participation in the Scottish Junior Cup.

” This has been a difficult decision for the club to make as we have been playing in the junior ranks for 120 years now and our hearts lie with the juniors. However, we must not allow the hard work of the management staff, players, volunteers and board go to waste. We as a committee have a duty to fulfil the full potential of the club. We believe the future of the West Region lies in the pyramid system.

” We reassure our support that we are still committed to our SJFA membership as we make this monumental move in our history.”

Blake Welsh

Vice President, Blantyre Victoria F.C.

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