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Club Statement: League Declaration

At 7pm on Tuesday 21st April 2020 the West Region SJFA announced that Blantyre Victoria and Darvel have both been declared joint-winners of the McBookie West Region Championship for the 2019/20 season.

Due to both clubs averaging 84%-85% of points we feel that this is a fair decision. We, along with all fans in the division would have loved to have seen this season play out but under the circumstances football must take a back seat.

A bittersweet end to our 123 years in the Scottish Junior ranks, but one that we hope brings a smile to all Vics fans during these uncertain times. Our congratulations to Auchinleck Talbot, Shettleston and Johnstone Burgh who have been declared winners of the other divisions as well as our fellow Championship winners Darvel.

John Gibson:

“Obviously I am disappointed that we never got a chance to finish the season but it’s good recognition for the players and what they have achieved, the going on a 15 game winning run, playing some great football and entertaining the fans. That’s what they were about this season. So a big thank you to the players, to the committee for all there hard work, and special thank you to all the supporters who have followed us this season and given us great support very much appreciated. Cheers, Gaffer“

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